Heartfullness is a 12 by 15 foot steel sculpture of a heart that has been repeatedly broken and pieced back together. While it may be damaged and pieces may be missing, this weathered heart is stronger and infinitely more interesting.  Life presents many things that can break the heart, but true happiness comes from overcoming those obstacles and mending your heart in every way imaginable to love again.

Heartfullness was built to allow exploration of the interior space. Climb inside and curl up in the love seats made of woven rope. The interior skeleton is made of steel, and covered by re-claimed sheet metal pieced together to represent a beautiful reconstructed heart. Red LEDs, controlled by an audio file of a real heartbeat, illuminate the sculpture at night.

Heartfullness debuted at Burning Man 2012. It returned the following year with some fire-y upgrades. Heartfullness has been a featured art piece at Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, BottleRock festival in Napa, GhostShip Halloween and Sunset Island Electronic Picnic in San Francisco. It was installed in downtown Fremont from Sept 2015- Jan 2017 . Heartfullness is currently on display at VIE Winery on Treasure Island, San Francisco. Heartfullness is available for festivals, weddings, parties, and more.