About Katy


I’ve always been described as creative. I’ve been making jewelry for 20 years, spent 6 years painting and building sets for children’s theater, and have fabricated countless costumes. I’ve always enjoyed painting and sketching. But it took years for me to finally call myself an artist.

My first trip to Burning Man in 2007 changed my perception of art and my self-imposed boundaries of creativity. As my mind opened, a vision came to me of an enormous metal heart that had been broken and pieced back together. I knew immediately that I must make this sculpture, but I first need to learn how to weld and work with metal. I set my mind to learn the skills necessary to make my vision a reality. While seeking to learn these skills, I was exposed to many other artists and their creations. In 2010 began volunteering for artist Marco Cochrane, where I learned how to weld while working on Bliss Dance. Over the years I have learned many skills from Marco and crew, and what it takes to lead a large scale art project.

In 2012 it was finally time to create my own sculpture, Heartfullness. It debuted at Burning Man that year. My experience during the Heartfullness build was documented as part of the film Spark: A Burning Man Story, which is currently available for streaming on Netflix. I continue to do metal work, jewelry making, and expand my art.